Check out our wide variety of bubble candles!  Each one is handmade and all natural.  No worries about toxic fumes and chemicals, just wholesome soy based candles with a chic look that will add a special bling to your home.


Loftern Creme(Freesia) & Brown(Hazelnut) Bubble Candle Set of 2

UPC: 5065015026013


Loftern Pink(Rose) and Blush(Freesia) Bubble Candle Set of 2

UPC: 5065015026006

Loftern White(Freesia) and Blue(Bluebell) Bubble Candle Set of 2

UPC: 5065015026020

purple bubble candle

Purple Lavender Scented Bubble Candle - Scented Bubble Cube Candle

UPC: 5065015026044

creme bubble candle

Loftern Creme Freesia Scented Bubble Candle

UPC: 5065015026051

white bubble candle

Loftern White Freesia Bubble Candle

UPC: 5065015026068

brown bubble candle

Loftern Brown Hazelnut Bubble Candle

UPC: 5065015026082

pink bubble candle

Loftern Pink Rose Bubble Candle

UPC: 5065015026075

blue bubble candle

Loftern Blue Bluebell Bubble Candle

UPC: 5065015026037